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A Mouse in Her House

A Mouse in Her House is artist Lina Sun Park's first solo art book, published by Same Paper, presenting the works that done with transcendental crafts and the media of photography.

Working with ephemeral materials, textiles, and items of personal significance, A Mouse in Her House creates a weird and whimsical world where dreams coming true and dreams being dreamed.

As Park wrote:
In a curious and ever so vast house, a tiny white mouse marks her steps with stitches of ribbon and crumbs. At times she finds her way back, and at other times, she discovers whole new rooms. She scurries across soft hills of flour, and drifts through gentle rivers of velvet. She feasts on roses made of bread, and descends slowly along yards of shiny, silky ribbon. The house seems infinite to her.

One day, as the mouse walks from room to room, she whispers suddenly, “The rooms are full of dreams in this house. . . dreams coming true and dreams being dreamed.” Bows exist in many forms here, as do many things in her house. They are the inexplicable alchemy of a single piece of ribbon. To be a bow is every ribbon’s dream, after all. With each passing day, one might say her tail is looking more and more like a ribbon. Perhaps it too, dreams.

First Edition of 500 Copies
SIZE: 190*250mm
PRINT: CMYK Four Color Printing




Twelve Books (Japan)

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