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Assembly by Jack Bool

First Edition of 600 Copies
SIZE: 210*260mm
PAGES: 112
PAPER: Art Paper
PRINT: CMYK Four Color Printing
BINDING: Hardcover
DESIGN: Toru Kase
©2024 Same Paper

Jack Bool is a photographer based in Los Angeles. Assembly is his first photo book. The pictures in this book were made throughout the past few years: the couple living in the surfing community of New Smyrna, and the boys of Waimea Bay have golden tans and their scars like footprints in the sand; his cousin graduated from a fire academy in Phoenix, Arizona - he lit some buildings on fire and split a car in half while a crowd cheered. "These gatherings felt performative, like some grand American theatre," Bool says, "I often found myself complicit within this fantasy, and my camera for better or worse tucked away. "

In Bool's photography, storytelling is always at the core of his work. This book is about touching, and an eagerness to meet with people and places. And then the camera becomes an excuse.


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Jack Bool is an American photographer. Originally from the Bay Area, Jack studied photography at the California College of the Arts under professors Aspen Mays and Sam Contis. During his time at CCA, an interest in photobooks eventually led him to work with artist and publisher, Paul Schiek of TBW Books.

At the root of Jack’s work is storytelling, a desire to tell stories about people and places, such as the surfing community in New Smyrna and the boys of Waimea Bay. "I am interested in the poetic and literary qualities of photography and photo books. The way that a sequence of photographs can illustrate and complicate a narrative. There is a rich ambiguity and lyrical quality to pictures and photo books that keeps me engaged."

©2024 Same Paper
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