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Body Double - Thomas Albdorf

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The series "Body Double" is a portrait of Los Angeles - not the actual city in California, but the abstract place which is embedded in the general consciousness through the representation in popular culture, primarily in movies. “Body Double” is a hike through the streets of the metropolis, partly based on appropriated images - from Google Street View, films, or vintage imagery - partly actually photographed on location in Los Angeles. Almost nothing here is what it appears to be at first glance - the sculptures photographed in the streets as well as in hotel rooms were never in the indicated places, the images are partly automatically deconstructed or created by software; the majority of the works were created in several steps that took place outside and inside the studio.

Every picture questions and discusses its conditions of production, the authenticity of what is shown, and the unconscious expectations and experiences that one brings to the table when looking at an image.

“Body Double is a book long portrait of Los Angeles made with appropriated images, constructed images, sculpted images and manifested experiences in conversation with elements, fragments of possible memories coexisting with real deconstructions, and real uncertainties glueing it all together. It takes the viewer on a dazed walk through a city’s self and its double, all filtered by the multitude of versions we might experience of it, or we definitely did experience of it, if only through a possible, unrealistic memory.”

--Elisa Medde

SIZE: 210mm × 280mm
PAGES: 132 Pages
BINDING: Hardcover
DESIGN: Wolfgang Ortner, Thomas Albdorf
73 Color Images, with a Text by Elisa Medde
Published by Same Paper
October 2022

©2022 Same Paper


Thomas Albdorf conceives photography not as the single act of releasing the shutter, but as chain of conscious as well as unconscious decisions - the basic photograph doesn’t officiate as an enclosed image rather than a space of possibilities and probabilities, primarily enabled via digital post production processes that often leave their visible marks in the final work, revealing their source as well as bringing their conditions of production up for discussion.

After working for several years as a Graphic Designer and Art Director, Thomas Albdorf studied Transmedia Art at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna, where he graduated in 2013. He was selected as one of 30 international “Artists to Watch” by British Journal of Photography in 2014; he won the UNSEEN Amsterdam Talent Award in 2016. He had his first institutional solo show “Room With a View” in 2018 at FOAM Amsterdam, followed by his solo show “Mirror Mirror” at Museum Folkwang in Essen / Germany in 2019. His work has been exhibited throughout galleries in Europe & the United States, and he has been featured / interviewed in magazines like FOAM Magazine, British Journal of Photography, The New Yorker, The New York Times, The Guardian and many more.

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