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CC2021 FW The Monument
Closing Ceremony Books 6th Anniversary Series

Launched hurriedly in 2015, Closing Ceremony Books has its 6th Anniversary in 2021. To celebrate this special moment, and instead of making it jubilant, an ‘awful’ idea comes up; we should celebrate this moment as we are having a funeral, that’s how we shall do for this moment.

Taking a portrait for each book is one of Closing Ceremony Books’ traditions. When we look back at these portraits, they seem like hundreds of monuments we made for the past 6 years. And just like the monument, each book leaves us a memory, each book marks a moment.

In the last few years, many artists and publishers are no longer making new books gradually, but fortunately, their books are still on our shelf read by various readers. In memory of self-publishing and those habitual scenes, we present our 6th Anniversary series “The Monument”.

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