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Glass Dragon    -    David Brandon Geeting & Xiaopeng Yuan

Glass Dragon is composed by New York-based photographer David Brandon Geeting and Shanghai-based photographer Xiaopeng Yuan. In this photo zine there are more than 80 pictures taken by this duo. David is always attracted by the violent and fierce images and scenes that is continuously happening on the street, so he took a day while he was staying in Shanghai during fall 2017, wandering around the streets with photographer Xiaopeng Yuan and took a large amount of pictures. After arranging and editing the pictures, they want to present those pictures via a photo zine, thus to document the relieved and delightful status they were in when the shoot happened.

The cover of the book is made of transparent plastic with a white metal font printed on, with a perforated rubber band binding. AS for the pages of the zine, The previous image of David's pictures in the zine will also be presented as the next image’s lace background underneath at the same time. While separating the photos of the two photographers, the designer used the abbreviations of their names and lightly oiled them after printing. This design is to better present this violent and slender beauty of their pictures. street photography and what it means to capture a decisive moment in time.

First Edition of 200 Copies
PAGE: 84 Pages
SIZE: 225mm x 285mm
PRINT: CMYK 4 Colors
Printing BINDING: Saddle Stitches Binding with PVC Jacket

Published by Same Paper
Designed by Jinkui Zhou
Summer 2018

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