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HANDWASH ZINE is a wearable zine presented and designed by Same Paper. In each issue, it features beloved artists, illustrators who will create new works on the form of wash tags. Then it comes out as the 12-14 pages of Zine attached to the interior of Tee. The print on the garment becomes as the cover and back of this zine.

In issue 03, we invite artist Misaki Kawai, Ema Gaspar, Chazwick Bear as well as Zhou Yukon, to join us and create a new series of joy,

Featured Artist
Chazwick Bear
Ema Gaspar
Misaki Kawai
Zhou Yilun

Same Paper

Tau, HXZ, Lai

©2023 Same Paper 
HANDWASH ZINE is a project conceptualised, edit and produced by Same Paper.

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