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Same Paper x Goldwin 
Work From Wild

As the internet continues to reach every corner we can access, the mythical outdoor paradises have become mere fantasies. With internet access, those constantly racing against deadlines can turn any corner into a temporary "office." In the collaborative series between Same Paper and Goldwin, Same Paper draws inspiration from the experience and imagination of outdoor work to present the "Work from Wild" capsule collection

Same Paper has also produced a series of slightly ironic and self-mocking photographs for this capsule collection. Through this visual story, it reminds everyone passionately racing against various deadlines: when you are outdoors, please do not open your laptop. Focus on everything in front of you and every step you take, and remain vigilant against potential outdoor hazards.

Creative Direction
Same Paper

Same Paper

Xiaopeng Yuan

Pikai, Gio and Kitty


Photography Assistant
Ming and Link

Special Thanks to Goldwin and Gallery Commune
Presented by Same Paper and Goldwin

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